You Never Died

I loved reading this poem, something in the lines I can identify with.


You never wrote poems

When you exploded in anger

And had a mad tantrum

You never painted

When you carved up your wrist

And smashed all the lanterns

You never sang

When you jumped into the abyss

Screaming all the way down

You never danced

The way we used to dance

When you watched TV

And checked your Facebook

And were asleep by nine

You never made a film

When you accused others of wrong doing

When you took an idea

And changed it into another idea

And wanted everyone to follow you

You never died

When life was rich and powerful

When the dry straw crunched under your feet

And the blood of the last man

Spent itself into the dirt

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About nigeriafreepress

Architectural Consultant, Published Poet and Writer. Married with Four Children. Born 16 02 54 Lives in Kaduna, Nigeria
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