Diana Valedictory, why I wrote poems for the princess of Wales.


I never met Diana the Princess of Wales during her short and celebrated life. My images of her are conjured up from what I read about her and what I saw her doing on television.I am therefore not expected to write poems for somebody I never knew and who lived and died far away from my country Nigeria. That was not however the way we felt about her, she was the first princess in the modern era that reached out to all peoples of the world irrespective of race or creed. She was discussed and identified with in all communities especially where her charity works took her.The first television princess came on stage at the dawn of satellite broadcasting which carried news to all corners of the world at little expense. She was truly loved, charming the world with her photogenic smile and grace that was bound to inspire any writer anywhere in the world to write down something about her. I took my chance.

Genuine works of charity

She reached out to me as a woman genuinely interested in charity and who devoted most of her time as a royal to give something back to the world that accepted her, loved her and crowned her their own princess. One of the reasons that inspired me to write on her was an insinuation that appeared in the press after her death that she was involved in charity for the glamor it offered her. Nothing could be further from the truth. I would rather go with the theory that she had a premonition of her early demise which became a propellant for the sacrificial and inspiring life she lived. She lived her life to the fullest, not letting any challenge hinder her commitment to world peace and comfort to the needy.

In honor of a special woman

I started writing poems for and on Diana when I found posthumous writings on her suggesting that she was more concerned with the glitz of celebrity than charity rather unfair and damaging. Whichever way we look at Diana’s sojourn through the winding roads of life, we cannot fail but see a special woman who was in pole position to do whatever she pleased with the royalty and have nothing whatsoever to lose. She however chose to depart from the traditional to the admiration of the world.

A magic moment in history

The children touched by Diana are coming of age, the charities she set up or supported are hopefully growing in leaps and bounds. Her children it seems, have continued in her tradition of charity. It is hoped that this volume of poems will make a meaningful contribution to a global testimony to a magical moment in the history of mankind.

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