Tell us about heaven


Tell us about heaven

Uzoma Azuonye

Tell us about heaven,
When the leaves of autumn,
Litter the streets of London,
And the showers are cold at dawn.
Tell us about angels,
The hosts and the plains above.
Tell us about God,
Christ, Moses, David and Solomon,
When the winds of winter blow,
And the leaves of autumn crumble,
As we look up to heaven,
Searching for your face,
Dark clouds rolling by,
As the pines whistle in the wind.


This poem is rooted in the belief that Princess Diana did enough for humanity to deserve a place in heaven. This is also hinted in the lyrics of Candle In the Wind performed by Elton John when he sang, “Now you belong to heaven and the stars spell out your name.”


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Architectural Consultant, Published Poet and Writer. Married with Four Children. Born 16 02 54 Lives in Kaduna, Nigeria
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